Code Name  
151.58.127-2 Axle
150.35.104 Bolt M27*2
150.35.105-1 Cramp
150.35.103-1 Draw bar
151М.58.017 Hook with cover
151М.58.015-01 Hook with shock absorber
151М.58.015-02 Hook with shock absorber
151М.58.113 Nut
151.58.126-2 Pin
75.35.011 Pintle T-150
150.35.102 R.H. Towing yoke
151.58.103-3 Shackle
151.58.121 Splint spring
151.58.104-2 Tension member
151М.58.013 The body with the bracket (new model)
151.58.001-4 The body with the bracket (old model)
150.35.101 Towing yoke
151.58.102-2 Tractive hook
151.58.112 Washer
151М.58.116 Washer