Code Name  
150.32.142 Axes link
150.32.022-2 Axle
150.32.012-3 Craft axe
150.32.107 Draw-in bolt
150.32.106 Fork
77.32.104 Guide wheel cover
150.32.011-1А Guide wheel with axle
150.32.150А Guide wheel with axle
А11.00.103-01 Ring
096-102-36-2-2 Ring
А11.00.106-01 Ring
А11.00.107-01 Ring
А11.00.108-01 Ring
85.32.203 Seal disk
85.32.025 Seal disk
150.32.021-А Shock absorber
А11.00.105-01 Spring
А11.00.104-01 Washer