• Question 1:

    Presence of quality certificates.


  • Question 2:

    There are discounts?


  • Question 3:

    The postponement of payment is possible?


    Almost with all our permanent clients agreements are celled on payment with the postponement of payment (a postponement makes a reservation individually).

  • Question 4:

    Chart of work?


    With 8-30 to 17-30 except for Saturday and resurrection, dinner is a smooth chart.

  • Question 5:

    Replacement defective products is possible?


    Reclamations are not accepted and replacement of repair parts is not produced in cases: - absences of brand of firm - violations of the factory stopping - presences of tracks of sorting out of knots and asms - obvious violations of fastening or rules of exploitation - mechanical damages. Replacement defective repair part is produced at presence of AKTA-REKLAMACII, signed a competent commission.

  • Question 6:

    Delivery is possible on Ukraine?


    Our organization is in a position to deliver a load in other cities by an own freight transport. The cost of delivery depends on the remoteness of settlement which a load sets forth for, but in any case delivery will treat you at least on 25% cheaper, than if a load was delivered any service known you on transportation of loads (SAT, Deliveri, N.Ekspress, pr.). A calculation for delivery of load is carried out a client in place in fact of arriving by of machine cashs, or, at will of client, the cost of delivery can be equipartition on repair parts in an invoice on vacation of commodity in identical percent correlation.

  • Question 7:

    Клеймите ли вы свою продукцию?


    Практически вся наша продукция имеет клеймо.

    Место клеймения уточняйте у ответственного менеджера.

    Пример клейма: